“Tamara Benzur / Outsource Transcription Services is more than just a service we contract for – Tamara is like a member of our team. She takes the time to ensure that her work is of the highest quality and has the most relevance to us. She provides progress updates so we know exactly what timelines are for our requests, and she ensures quality through clarifying questions and friendly follow-up.”

Chris Beck, Vice President, EIS Council 

Tamara Bentzur’s transcripts are a revelation. She is precise, efficient, conscientious, and wonderful to communicate with. I only wish I could have her all to myself!

Anna Krien, Freelance writer and author, Anna Krien, Booked Out Speakers

“You’re like a drug, Tamara, I can’t stop using you for these transcriptions. We have in-house people that can do it, but I just don’t trust them like I do you.”

Gregory Arroyo, Editorial Director, Bobit Business Media,

Tamara is incredibly quick in getting back, accurate in clarifying issues regarding the work considered, reliable on deadlines, even delivering usually earlier than scheduled. And she just took up a job even on very short notice, thereby considerably easing my work pressure – which is great especially for me, because as a journalist often things happen on short notice and stories must get out there quickly. And finally, not to be underestimated, she is friendly and fun to interact with. 😉 ”

Katrin Zöfel: Science Journalist

“As a features writer in sports journalism, I have often considered searching out transcription help, but it was difficult to find somebody who was accurate, affordable, and speedy. I did some research and came across Tamara Bentzur, who seemed to fit the bill of what I was looking for. After a quick introduction, I sent her my audio files and — to my happy and glorious surprise — she ended up being a godsend. Not only did Tamara turn the transcriptions around quick (upholding the timetable she provided at the outset), but each transcription was entirely accurate, and marked in places of query. In the tricky business of accuracy, speed and precision, she brought me a lot of peace of mind in the process, and I now consider myself a regular customer.”

Chuck Mindenhall, Features writer, sports journalism, ESPN and others

“Tamara is always quick to respond with friendly, personal emails, and gives accurate estimates of the turnaround time for transcriptions. Even if she’s busy I don’t mind waiting because her work is good and accurate. I’ve recommended her to several people because she’s been so great to work with.” 

 Ryan Irelan, Vice President of Technology, happycog.com,  

“Tamara offers a very professional and personalized service. Her transcriptions are always on time and extremely accurate, and she has made the whole process of transferring audio files and delivering the transcripts extremely easy. Tamara is a delight to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending her.

  Bruce Andrews, business magazine editor in Hong Kong”

Tamara is a professional operator, who delivers timely transcripts with exceptional attention to detail. Her ‘human touch’ allows for above and beyond additions such as identifying who is speaking and structuring the transcript accordingly. She also timestamps any inaudible patches ensuring a very high accuracy rate. In a short time she has become an invaluable part of my process. Aside from her efficiency and speedy turnaround Tamara is also delightful to deal with, a really lovely person.”

  Andrew McUtchen, Associate Editor GQ Australia

Tamara Bentzur has been great to work with. I’ve found her conscientious in her work, and I’ve always been satisfied with the quality of the transcripts we’ve received. I also appreciate her turnaround times, and the fact that she’s in touch with us letting us know when she can deliver. And I also appreciate how she’s not passive in her workflow. She’s helped us in our workflow with her, to better ensure we get what we need in a timely fashion. And she’s cheerful, which, while not required, is a really nice add-on. I happily recommend her.”

  Baruch Goldberg, Production, Imagination Productions

Tamara (Outsource Transcription Services) was a fast and efficient way for you to transcribe hours of interviews. The price was competitive and the service level was highly competitive.  The topic I write about, the world of professional cycling, can be technical and hard to penetrate but Tamara understood the details with ease. I was very pleased with the end product and  that Tamara was such an excellent communicator from start to finish.”

  Ted Burns, simcoepartners.info

“I am delighted with the quality of the transcription service Tamara provided. She produced coherent accurate transcripts from some shaky audio and video files. She was very pleasant to deal with and the work was carried out promptly, at a very reasonable price. I was always kept informed on the work’s progress. I am most grateful to her.”

   Stephen A. Boyce, Surgeon

“Tamara’s attention to detail allows you to see typed what is actually happening on camera. She also brings her scheduling experience to give an on-target assessment for completion, and is willing to put in the extra effort when needed to get work out fast. A pleasure to work with.

   Elchanan Schnurr, Machon Meir

English author Neil Gaiman recently quipped that of the three acknowledged attributes to being a freelancer – skill, punctuality, and grace – you need only a combination of any two to find success. Tamara is all three, always. A pleasure to work with, she consistently hands over faultless transcriptions well ahead of time. Tamara takes care of the boring stuff, allowing me to get on to the next interview or next story. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Matt Shea, Australia-based freelance journalist for triple j mag, The Big Issue,  TheVine and Mess+Noise, among others

Tamara has completely shifted my workflow for the better. She delivers consistently accurate transcriptions with immense attention to detail—and a punchy turnaround. Tamara makes sure I spend less time labouring over audio files, and more on nailing my stories. Brilliant.”

   Adam Baidawi, Australian freelance journalist,

As a journalist and writer for fast turnaround magazines, I need transcripts to be punched out with both speed and accuracy. After a massive injury that left me unable to type for weeks, Tamara stepped in and transcribed my interviews beautifully. Efficient with both her work and correspondence, I’ve been incredibly impressed and grateful. Highly recommended, and competitive rates too.

 Benjamin Law, freelance writer and journalist, Australia

“Tamara is great to work with. She is accurate and goes the extra mile to make sure things are done right. It is a pleasure to be able to give her a project and not have to worry that it is being done correctly.”

StevenPowell, Steven Powell Productions, LLC, Senior Editor and Producer of Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures

“In a few short month’s Tamara Bentzur has become invaluable to our business. Her transcripts are incredibly professional and are turned around incredibly promptly. If we’re in a bind with a deadline, Tamara has never let us down. After publishing for two decades, I couldn’t recommend OutsourceTranscriptionServices.com highly enough. A terrific find!”

Sean Sennett, Managing Editor, Time Off Media/Tom Magazine, tommagazine.com.au

“Having used OutsourceTranscriptionServices.com for several years on numerous feature length documentary and short-form film projects, I can unreservedly vouch for Tamara’s service. We rely on consistent, speedy, and accurate transcripts. Tamara delivers – every time!”

  Wayne Kopping, Director-Editor: Israel Inside, The Third Jihad

“Having saved my proverbial bacon many times, Tamara’s excellent, reliable and prompt transcribing skills have helped me through countless deadlines. Her work is always flawlessly presented and top-notch quality; not the easiest thing to achieve when so many of my audio files contain garbled words from interviewees who think mumbling is an art form. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough for anyone looking for accurate and well laid out transcriptions… you won’t be sorry.

  Samantha Clode, Music Editor, triple j

“I first engaged the services of Tamara Bentzur as a transcriptionist in June 2009. I haven’t looked back since. Tamara has transcribed over 70 interviews for me, including a wide range of English-speaking accents – American, New Zealand, British, Swedish, and of course, Australian – with invariably excellent results. She is faultlessly accurate and reliable as a transcriptionist, and polite and pleasant as a human being. I would recommend her without hesitation, and have introduced her to several happy colleagues. I shudder to think of what I’d do without her.”

Andrew McMillen, Australian freelance journalist for Rolling Stone, The Australian, The Big Issue and triple j mag, among others andrewmcmillen.com

“Tamara is an integral part of my film making process. From feature-length documentaries to short films, Tamara is always there for me when I need her. I am continually impressed with her accuracy, attention to detail, and quick turnaround time. Once you start working with Tamara there is just no turning back.”

  Micah Smith, Filmmaker shooteast.com

“I found Tamara online about 12 months ago and what a find! To be honest, until then I had not realized what a difference a great transcriber can make. Before Tamara I used both local and other international services, and while most were acceptable, the quality was not close to that produced by Tamara. Recently I had to re-read an old pre-Tamara transcript, and the difference was stark!”

   Elaine Farrelly, Freelance Writer, Melbourne, Australia

“We have retained Tamara to transcribe several of our webinar recordings and have been very happy with her diligence and timeliness. She can be relied upon to deliver when she commits to deliver and in full. The transcriptions include, where appropriate, sensible bullets, numbering and other formatting, which makes the final editing of the document simple and straight forward.”

  Adam Ramshaw, Director, Genroe, genroe.com

“Tamara did a timely and great job on transcribing my interviews. She worked fast and precise, and the layout of the documents made the interviews easy to read. In addition, our communication was fun and easy. I recommend her work!”

Marijke van Liemt, TODAY Coaching & Training, Austria, startchangetoday.com

Tamara is an absolute GEM! I cannot recommend her services enough. Her clarity, attention to detail, professionalism, and energy are a rare find. Hire her now while you still can

Marie Forleo, CEO and Founder of Rich, Happy & Hot, marieforleo.com

“I consider Tamara to be a valuable member of my team. She is very professional, extremely accurate, and always delivers on time. When I first started seeking transcription services, I tried a number of providers. When I found Tamara, the rest couldn’t hold a candle to her.

If you explain the purpose of the project, she is able to deliver a document especially suited for the assignment. If it’s a book or article, she will make it “book like.” If it’s a script, she will make it easy for an actor to read it. Once she understands your style, she will ask for a little latitude in the assignments. I suggest that you accept her offer. She will edit her work for “regional colloquialisms” to make her work more effective in your market.

Her work is such high quality that I rarely proofread the documents when they come back because I am confident they are error free.

I am pleased to recommend Tamara to anyone in need of her type of service.”

(Updated and personal…)

“I am not being nice, it is your work that has always stood out from the rest. I am your #1 fan, based on the quality, timeliness, and fair price of your work. I particularly like that you are willing to go beyond the spoken word and make the grammar adjustments and thought clarifications that make the transcription come to life. Most transcriptions done by your competitors have to go to an editor to remove obvious guffaws and to correct differences in the spoken and written word. This extra step is not necessary with your work.”

George Meidhof – Constellation Business Development, constellationcoaching.com

“Tamara, I just wanted to say how blown away I am by your transcription services. I recorded the first draft of my new book while I was on a 2-hour walk. It was quite windy, there were countless background noises, and my thoughts jumped around. Anyway, I thought you would simply transcribe my audio and then I would have to go over it again and rearrange it. I almost fell off my chair when I got the 13-page transcription back and it read just like a book! I don’t know how you did it, but you are absolutely amazing. You have a customer for life! Thank you so much.”

Scott Brandley, CEO Trust Guard, trust-guard.com

“… I definitely got the best! Tamara did fantastic work for my technical material and always delivered on time. Her communication was top-notch and never had a problem contacting her when I needed to. I highly recommend Tamara for all your transcription needs.”

 Geoffrey Grosenbach, Producer of Peepcode, topfunky.com

“Three words:  Reliable, responsible, and honorable. I continue to use Tamara’s transcription services because our clients demand Fast Quality and she provides it.”

Karin Anderson, Transcriptions Overnight, TranscriptionsOvernight.com

Tamara is GREAT!! She does excellent work, gets the jobs back very fast, and all for a great price!! We consider her part of the office!!

Michael Norman, Law Office NORMAN & EDEM, P.L.L.C., nemw.com

“Tamara is an incredibly talented and conscientious individual. She is highly intelligent and able to quickly understand instructions on very complex tasks and perform them with perfect accuracy. She has performed transcription and administrative tasks for me, saving me literally countless hours and stress.

One of her greatest attributes is that when you give her a task you simply don’t worry about it anymore. Why? Because you know it will be done correctly and on time every time. This alone makes her worth every single penny and much, much more.

She is incredibly easy to work with on every level. Her communication style is both personable and professional. Although half a world away, she is easier to communicate and explain things to than people sitting in a chair right next to you.

If you are considering anyone else for the types of services that Tamara offers, don’t. You will NOT regret it.

Cornelius – Tennessee

“I love working with Tamara and hope to work with her again — I definitely recommend her. Her work is top-notch, she took initiative to go beyond what was expected of her to improve the final product, she works fast without compromising quality, she kept me well informed of her progress, and she was a pleasure to work with. Tamara is a professional, and I soon found it easy to rely on her.”

 Marcia Hoeck – Hoeck Associates, www.hoeck.net

“Tamara Bentzur is an amazing asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with her. As an internet talk-radio host, I have weekly transcription needs. Some of my colleagues use voice recognition transcribing software, but they never end up with a high quality product without significant time and effort spent “cleaning things up. Tamara’s services are one of the best business investment’s I’ve made. I count on her prompt, professional, high quality service every week for transcribing my radio show. I will never switch to voice recognition software. It cannot compete with Tamara’s service! Her excellent communication, writing and editing skills are invaluable addition to my business.”

Christy Cuellar-Wentz, M.A. – Co-founder and Host, Mommy-Muse.com

“Tamara has been an outstanding addition to the team. She has transcribed close to 200 hours of customer interviews. Her transcription capability is fantastic and she is a true professional. She constantly delivers on time with stellar results. She has great communication skills and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I trust her implicitly and have been impressed with her ability to pick up on technical jargon. She is a 5 out of 5 in my book, and I would recommend her without reservation.”

Tom Garland, President, ACT Venture Partners, actventurepartners.com

“I found Tamara almost a year ago when my current transcription service was no longer meeting my needsand now I wonder how I ever managed without her! Tamara delivers the best transcription services I’ve ever received. She’s fast, friendly and a great communicator. But most importantly, her attention to detail and the quality of work are second to none. If you want quality transcriptions for an affordable price, hire Tamara. You will not be disappointed.”

Patty Harder – Freelance Writer & Marketing Consultant, writingprof.com

“Tamara Bentzur has been employed for over a year to transcribe the video interviews we use for our Web site, IdeasProject.com. The work requires tremendous attention to detail and grammatical accuracy, and turnaround times can be short. Tamara is extremely reliable and a pleasure to work with. She points out mistakes, when they occur, and is conscientious about things that might save us time and labor, even when it means fewer hours for her. I would not hesitate to recommend her for these and other related services.”

  Mike Axinn – EditorIdeasProject, IdeasProject.com

Tamara is a gem.  So much so, I don’t want you to hire her and reduce the amount of time she has available to help us with other projects. Great transcription skills and able to understand and execute on complex tasks.”

Chris Heuer, Chairman, Co-Founder of Social Media Club, socialmediaclub.org

“I switched to using Tamara after using outsourced Indian transcription services. I’d never been happy with their quality and as a result, it was costing me time. Once I went with Tamara, my troubles were over. I got back transcripts as perfect as possible, nicely formatted, and therefore I’ve been saving huge amounts of time since. Tamara is proactive and puts the effort in. Highly recommended”

 Lee Dryburgh – Founder, eComm Media, Inc., eCommMedia.com

“I have had the pleasure to work with Tamara Bentzur on a number of projects. If you are looking for someone who does quality work quickly, on time and with great communication, you needn’t look any further. She does 5+ star work EVERY time. My only reservation about recommending her is that by the time I need her for another project, she’ll be so booked up that I will not be able to utilize her services!”

Jeff Ryan – President, Internet Marketing Unlimited Corp., internet-marketing  unlimited.com

Tamara has been an amazing service provider and I have been very happy with her services. I use Tamara’s transcription services on a weekly basis and am always amazed at the wonderful work and speed of my time sensitive transcriptions. She comes high recommended by many small and big business owners and comes extremely recommended by me.

Garrett Piersongarrettpierson.com, Your SEO Mentor, yourseomentor.com

We have a number of projects that Tamara has helped us with. Communication from Tamara was excellent (via IM) and service was always provided with a virtual smile. Tamara has been an amazing asset to our company. She’s diligent, timely, intelligent, and consistent – we wish we could say the same about all the people we outsource our work to!” I would recommend her to others, which I’m doing now, but I have to admit, I did hesitate because that means that she’ll have less time for me!”

 Steven Ekstein – Ekamtech, Inc., ekamtech.com

“Tamara is fast, efficient, works fast and always returns transcriptions fast. She catches my mistakes if I have any and highlights them. She gave me many ideas needed to improve my reports. If transcriptionists had degrees, she would have her master’s in it.

 Jilena Vilensky – Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist

“Tamara’s work is outstanding, i.e., fast, reliable, and thorough. I’m conducting interviews for my dissertation with young people, some of which are mentally ill. Tamara’s transcripts are very precise, even when the different accents, slangs, and speech disabilities make of the recording a great challenge to transcribe. Furthermore, her warmth and friendliness make working with her a pleasure.

Daniel Castellanos – Doctoral Student

Outstanding! Tamara’s work is perfect and she is a real pleasure to work with. I needed a projected completed for a tight deadline and Tamara had no problem stepping up to the mark and getting it done under pressure. I am looking forward to working with Tamara again on more long-term projects.”

 Morag Brand – Virtual Assistant Services Provider

“There are so many choices for service providers. They all say they have reasonable rates and quality work, but you just never know until you try them. A friend suggested Tamara and I’m sure glad I tried her. The service was outstanding, the work was completed as agreed, and she “got it”– understanding the big picture of our project without a lot of nit-picky questions. At the risk of helping her succeed beyond wanting to work for me more, I have to say Use Tamara! She ROCKS!”

Warren Whitlock – Book Marketing Strategist, Publisher, Blogger, Author, warrenwhitlock.com

Tamara’s transcription work is top-notch and she’s very easy to work with. She’s so great I’d prefer to keep her excellent work a SECRET but that goes against what I teach I recommend Tamara if you are looking for high-quality, efficient transcription work done for your business.”

 Keith Matthew – keithmatthew.com

I hired 7 transcriptionists to transcribe 9 40-minute interviews and Tamara was the first one to have her assignment completed. She provided fast service with a quality transcription. Highly recommend!”

Rhonda Ryder – Kids Awakening, kidsawakening.com

“Working with Tamara has been an absolute pleasure. She has supported me with my complete book, transcribing the audios. And then editing and formatting my interviews. I will forever use Tamara because she makes me feel like I am the only one.

Lucinda Cross – Corporate Mom Dropoutscorporatemomdropouts.com

Tamara is EXTREMELY diligent and attentive to detail. She’s pleasant to work with, and very fast! What more could you ask for? I will definitely enlist her services again–soon!”

Patrice Dickey – Your Guide to the Life You Love, www.patricedickey.com

“Tamara is a top-notch class act. She met deadlines with ease, gave me updates along the way and handled even the more difficult recordings (and there were more than 250 audios!), all without even breaking a sweat. She is patient, thorough, and gets it right the first time, and she is worth more than her price. She is one you can trust.”

 Shari H. – Virginia Beach, VA

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