I truly focus on becoming a trusted resource for all my clients by providing intelligent, edited, and researched transcripts, and by “learning” my client’s business to provide the best possible product.

This saves my clients from wasting both time and money on unnecessary editing.  Because of this, I’m blessed with mostly long-term and repeat clients.

My transcription experience includes the fields of:

  • Marketing – Marie Forleo, Marcia Hoeck, 121Box
  • SEO – Search and Social, Your SEO Mentor
  • IT – Peepcode, Carsonified, Think Vitamin Radio, AltNET, Hivelogic, Ideas Project
  • Emerging Communications – eComm US and Europe
  • Social Media – Social Media Club
  • Doctoral Thesis
  • University Lectures – Prof. Andreas Weigend, law school lectures
  • Podcasts – Kids Awakening, Happier Kids Now, Think Vitamin
  • Webinars – Mommy Muse, Genroe
  • Case Studies – Act Venture Partners
  • Entertainment – ShootEast (documentaries and short film interviews, scripts), TranscriptionsOvernight (infomercials – script production meetings), Aish.com, Imagination Productions
  • Magazine Journalist Interviews (Pop Magazine, Time Off Media, jmag, GQ Australia)
  • Author Book Notes and subject interviews

Whether you want verbatim or edited (cleaned up, and ready to publish), the choice is yours.

My clients can rest assured that they will receive accurate transcripts because accents are never a problem. I have a great ear and have worked with English accents including:

  • Canadian
  • British
  • Scottish
  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • South African
  • Latin American
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Middle Eastern (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew)

You may find transcriptions that are cheaper, but when you want high quality, great efficiency, and the comfort of building a relationship you can trust, you’ll never find better.



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