This is the basic transcript format, and it was published “as is”. 

Standard Formatting, includes Header and Footer
Standard Formatting, includes Header and Footer

eComm Blog 2009 Interview with Richard Whitt Blog Interview – Published Version

Sample of special formatting


Special Formatting Sample

Some speakers make it easy to format.

Some transcripts are published “as is” and others are edited into a different final format:

Highlighting and Time Stamps

Hightlights and Time Stamps

This one included a cover page, highlighting for emphasis, and time stamps per page.

Fairfield City Oral History Interview - Oudomvilaym; URL is published version

This was strict verbatim;  formatting of dialog and time stamps per client request.

Fairfield City Oral History Interview - Oudomvilaym - Published Version



  1. this is prabhu from india and would like to do work online. i have completed medical transcrion and have 1 year experience. pls let me know if you have work. my number is 0996923764.

    thanks for everything.

  2. Prabhu,

    I appreciate you are looking for online work and I do wish you the best. I must say it’s not very professional to leave multiple comments on blogs, or to send multiple emails to the same person (like me) within such a short period of time. Within the past hour I have received 2 blog comments, and 2 emails. It will more than likely have you sent to the spam file instead of receiving any sort of positive response.

    As for your experience, I would suggest that you brush up a bit more on your English spelling and grammar, or at least do a spell check before sending out any further correspondence to potential clients/employers. Every one of your comments/emails have had numerous spelling errors in them, which does not speak highly of your qualifications.

    I wish you the best, but I do not outsource any of my work. I have long-term clients who know they can trust me to deliver the highest quality work, on a regular basis.

  3. Great comment to Prabhu Tamara 🙂

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