Posted by: tamara bentzur | June 2, 2009

What Success Takes – A Wonderful New Book

I had the great pleasure of transcribing all the interviews and chapter notes for Garrett Pierson’s wonderful new book, What Success Takes. I was pleasantly surprised while I listened to the interviews because it was unlike so many other self-help, “rah-rah” books. It was a wonderful journey of discovery for me, an inspiration to hear these real, down to Earth conversations from people who have all found success in their own lives, defined by what they hold most dear. Whether they are multimillionaires or not, they realize that what matters most are relationships with employees, friends, family, and God. Their greatest joy is found helping others find their own successes.

I realize I have held false beliefs about success and what it takes to succeed, and that my definition of success is not dependent on what others believe it is. I no longer fear failure; it’s an opportunity for growth, and I know now that when I fall it’s okay – I’ll just fall “forward”. I am ready to focus on what my strengths are to enable me to provide value in some way to those around me, and to discover ways to overcome the challenges that may come my way. These are just a few of the nuggets I took with me and I know you will find many more of them between the pages of What Success Takes.

Do yourself a favor; take a moment to visit the website. You can download the CD of the book for free!


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